Founded on March 15, 2013, the Wisconsin Dells Judo Dojo Inc. is open to
youth and adults of all ages. 

Head Coach - Jeffery Boyer, Sandan, USJA (Bronze Life Member) Sensei

Boyer has been practicing Judo since 1968 (age 8).

Adjunct Coach - Todd Boyer, Shodan, USJA. Sensei Boyer has been practicing Judo since 1968 (age 6).

Coaching Assistant - Benjaman Boyer, Nikyu, USJA. Ben has been practicing Judo since 2002.

Adjunct Coaching Assistant - Clayton Boyer, Sankyu, USJA. Clay has been practicing Judo since 2002.

Club Manager - Jerome Boyer.

Club head cheerleader, medic, gi washer, and overall supporter of her men practicing/competing/teaching/coaching Judo is Bonnie Boyer.